Master written & spoken English, & become confident!

Face-to-face, online tuitions for CBSE & ICSE, with small batch size. Be the language & grammar superstar in your class.

homehead-img2  Taught by India’s top 5% English tutors
homehead-img3  Same level and small size batches
homehead-img5  Quizzes & customised homework for subject mastery
homehead-img4  FREE doubt-solving sessions & on-demand Parent Teacher Meets
homehead-img1  FREE leadership talks & workshops

GEMA learners topping their school exams, across the country!

                                                                    Your child can score marks like these GEMA’s toppers too. Guaranteed.

Science - 95%

Farzan Tyagi
Grade 8

Maths- 98%

Aishath Anaasha Hussain
Grade 9

English - 93%

Mohammed Saif
Grade 7

Maths- 96%

Muhammad Arham Samad
Grade 4

Curriculum built by the best

                                                                bluetick  Experts from Stanford, Harvard, Duke, IIT     bluetick  Aligned with CBSE and ICSE syllabus

Master real-world English, not just textbooks

Understanding Grammar

Learn grammar with games, interactive discussions, & practise using real-life situations

Confident Public-speaking

Become a fluent English speaker by practising through audio/video homework & class plays, podcasts, etc

Advanced Reading

Get exposure to global literature & poetry to build vocabulary so you can understand & read above grade level!

Polished Writing

Write like a champ & publish books, compose poems, write plays, & maintain your personal blog

Fun projects at GEMA

                                                                                                 Here’s what GEMA students are building today

Write a Movie Script
Record a Podcast
Publish a Travel Blog
Release Books

No empty promises. Just Better marks. Guaranteed.

Our tech makes school syllabus understandable & tuitions exciting so every student studies smarter, learns faster, & achieves more.

Teachers who help you Get. It. Done.

Strict tutor selection

Only 5% tutors make it past our 10-point selection criteria.

Focus on improvement

100% focus on marks through conceptual understanding.

Student progress = Teacher progress

Your tutors progress only when YOU excel in and out of class!

Are you a tutor? Join us

Hear from our tutors
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Hear from our tutors
Hear from our tutors 2
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Learn with students at the same learning level, speed, & style

Perfect studying speed

No teacher will ever be too fast or too slow

More concept clarity

Focus on depth & improvement when all students have the same needs

Comfort = Confidence

Never feel intimidated by your peers, just healthy competition!

Small groups for rapid progress & improved confidence

Focussed teacher attention

Understand concepts faster with personal attention from teachers

Learn from your peers

Collaborate & solve real-world problems with students just like you

Higher marks

Score better marks with customised homeworks for targeted improvement

Curriculum designed by Stanford, Harvard & IIT experts.

Visually rich

Animated study material to help you learn faster & better

Activity-based projects

Deepen your understanding of all topics with peer projects

Understand ‘Why’ and ‘How’

Focus on 'Why & How', not just 'When & What' for lifelong learning

Classes that are so much fun, you’ll never want to miss them.

Exclusive Lido reward store

Earn points at every step and use them to buy exciting goodies

Build your online resume

Practice for applying to leading institutions for future studies

Discover hidden talents

Participate in hobby clubs, talks, events & workshops on weekends!

GEMA learners learn 2x faster than students at other tuitions

Our technology and AI will ensure your child learns better, faster, & forever!

Other Tuitions

GEMA Small-Group Tuitions

Quality of Teaching

Personal Attention

Class Structure

Conceptual understanding


Fun Learning

Personality Development

Parent-Teacher Meetings

Safety & Comfort

India’s top 5% tutors, selected using a 10-point criteria

Small batch size, individual attention guaranteed
Same-level students, faster improvement

Understand > Learn > Revise > Practise

100% concept clarity with animated videos, fun projects, & practical case studies

FREE 1-on-1 extra help sessions

Weekly goals & rewards for class participation

FREE leadership, personality, confidence-building, mentorship sessions

On-demand PTMs with real-time progress reports on the Super Parent App

Zero commute time & safety at home for better life quality!

Local, untrained, inexperienced tutors

Big batch size, little scope for personal attention
Mismatched needs, slow learning

Read > Memorise > Test > Repeat

Focus on rote-memorisation with static, textbook-based content

Possible only during class in large groups

Boring, uninspiring, test-based

Focus only on academic success, no opportunities for all-round development

Quarterly PTMs, No progress tracking, no accountability

Lots of time on travelling to & from tuition classes

40 GEMA learners will be mentored by tech, writing, & science superstars!

The GEMA Leaders Camp is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be mentored by iconic experts for 2 months a year. Don’t miss out!

GEMA learners spend 60+ minutes each day solving quizzes, watching videos, doing fun projects, & attending workshops on GEMA. Join them!

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Curriculum that builds vocabulary & fluency.

Animated CBSE & ICSE curriculums for 100% grammatical accuracy, speaking confidently, & creative writing.

Start your child's learning journey with our new user packs

Flexible, transparent and affordable pricing to experience the  GEMA learning difference!

Choose a trial pack*

Maths trial pack

2 weeks

1,200 INR

5 classes
Only INR 240/class

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English trial pack

2 weeks

1,200 INR

5 classes
Only INR 240/class

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Science trial pack

2 weeks

1,200 INR

5 classes
Only INR 240/class

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Coding trial pack

2 weeks

1,200 INR

5 classes
Only INR 240/class

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Complete access for ALL plans

Project-based learning

Students learn by doing, through interactive projects which they can showcase in their individual websites

Mastery Point Learning

Students are encouraged to work towards attaining weekly mastery goals to drive academic excellence.

Doubt Solving Sessions

Students can book unlimited extra help or doubt-solving sessions with their tutors.

Free On-Demand PTMs

You can book Parent teacher meetings with tutors for progress updates and learning insights, at zero extra cost.

Academic Mentors

Every student gets a dedicated mentor who takes sessions to help set goals and share study tips and strategies.

Aptitude-based batching

Students are batched according to their learning levels for enhanced peer-based learning.

Tailored to your child’s learning style!

Get curated packages and pay only for what your child needs.

Hear GEMA review from parents

oin 100,000+ parents who trust GEMA English tuition for their child’s future

For grades KG to 12


Build apps and games with concentration and coding

Learn more



Become a fluent and confident speaker

Learn more



Participate in virtual lab experiments and olympiads

Learn more


Watch your child become a confident, fluent English speaker with GEMA’s small group online English tuitions! Our classes, with maximum 6 students per class as well as focussed teacher attention for every child, will ensure that your child is able to express themselves fluently and confidently with no hesitation or pauses.

GEMA English is based on the 4 pillars of English: Reading, writing, grammar, and public speaking. Your child will pick up skills like script-writing, recording podcasts, and even delivering Ted Talks with our exciting project-based curriculum! Every class is an exploratory session, which equips your child for real-life scenarios along with in-class excellence.

The GEMA English course is a comprehensive programme that is based on the 4 foundational pillars of English: Listening, speaking, reading and writing. Through our project-based learning and bottom-up approach, we ensure that every child is prepared to speak and write English fluently and confidently.
What makes us different from other online tuitions is the attention every child receives with just 6 students per class and personalised homework for better understanding and mastery.
GEMA English has 3 classes per week for each grade. All classes follow a Monday-Wednesday-Friday or a Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday schedule.

The GEMA English curriculum is based on the CBSE syllabus from Kg to grade 10 and the ICSE syllabus from Kg to Grade 10. Every topic is covered in-depth with end-of-class quizzes to gauge the student’s understanding of the topic. In addition, students will have access to an unlimited library where they will find study notes along with practice links or sessions.

Only top applicants from across the country are selected to become GEMA tutors after a thorough 10-point screening process & background check. Each English tutor undergoes rigorous training in our special interactive & application-based curriculum & learning tools. We use sophisticated AI algorithms to pair each child with the tutor best suited for their learning needs!
We also take care to ensure that we select a teacher best suited to engage with each child at every grade, to get the best out of them.
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