Online Art and Craft Course

Get creative with colors with this Art and Craft course!

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About the course

Do you want your child to be the next Picasso or Van Gogh? Well, the journey starts here! In these online art and craft classes, students will develop a strong foundation in art and learn several techniques inspired by world-famous artists. 

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What you will receive

20+ Art Pieces

By the end of the course, students will have more than 20 unique artworks!

Enhanced Artistic Skills

Students will have honed their drawing, painting and sculpting skills

Creative Expression

Art allows students to express their ideas in a visually appealing way, fostering creativity.

Increased Confidence
As students complete various artworks, they build confidence in their abilities.
Artistic Portfolio

These 20+ artworks can be compiled into an artistic portfolio, showcasing their talent.

Stress Relief

Art is known to be therapeutic and can provide a relaxing experience for students.

Learning Map

These online art and craft classes are designed to provide a holistic learning experience to your child from Day-1. The student will start with fundamentals of shapes and basic colour palettes and gradually move towards creating detailed illustrations.


Students will learn the basics of art like dry mediums, one-directional coloring, handling of paints and brushes, and the first few elements of art such as lines, shape, and form to build a strong foundation for this course!

 Building Skills and Techniques (08 SESSIONS):

During the second month of the art course, students will continue to build on the foundation established in the first month. They will explore more advanced techniques and delve deeper into the world of art.

Artistic Expression and Individual Projects (08 SESSIONS)

In the third month of the art course, students will have developed a solid understanding of fundamental art concepts and techniques. They will now focus on individual expression and creative exploration.