Spoken English Course For Kids

Confidence & personality-building program for your child's bright future

✔ Phonics based reading

✔ Advanced reading and public speaking

Read. Speak. Write. with GEMA

Read fluently
Comprehend story books, poems, comics, instructions and more
Speak confidently
Ace the art of public speaking across various topics
Write creatively
Express creatively by writing fiction and non-fiction

Fun and engaging learning, every day

Learn with personalised 1-1 live classes.
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Stay engaged beyond class with our activity class.

Every class is a fun filled experience

A sneak peek into our demo class

Introduce your child to the magical world of stories

Paris The Golden Girl

This is a story of Paris, a kind girl with a magical unicorn that grants selfless wishes to help others.

The Wrath of the Demons
This story is about how dragons, phoenixes, demons, and wizards, unite to stop a dangerous wizard from upsetting their world’s delicate balance.
Ali and his Magical Car

This tale is about how Ali and his magical car use its powers to help others, teaching the importance of kindness and compassion.

My Golf Story

A heartwarming story about a child practicing golf daily since he was 7 years old and working hard to win the Golf World Cup.

Finn and his Adventures

This story talks about Finn and Tom embarking on a treasure hunt, encountering various challenges.

And many more exciting stories

We are delighted to present to you our carefully curated collection of 50+ engaging stories, thoughtfully selected to captivate and inspire the young minds of your children!

Personalised curriculum for your child

Our teachers will help find the right starting level

  • Access everywhere, anytime
  • Weekly assessment specially designed for your kids
  • 360° focus on spoken english ability, pronunciation
  • 1,20,000+ successful student community
  • Govt. of India recognized certificate
  • 100% Live Online Class – from safety of your home
  • Boost Your Child’s English speaking, writing & reading skills with experienced & friendly faculty panel
  • Personality Development Classes
  • Fun and Engaging curriculums

How your Child will be Benefited?

Being the professional language of the World, English communication skills have become essential for the youngsters. They would be benefited from GEMA’S Spoken English Classes as follows:

  • Learn to Speak English Fluently and Excel in their Career
  • Able to Avoid making Common Pronunciation Mistakes.
  • Growing the Ability to Fix Common English Errors.
  • Improving your Child’s ability to Articulation Skills and Create Long Sentences with complete Fluency
  • If your Child has not had English Lessons earlier, it’s the best time to enrol him/her in our Spoken English Platform for Kids

GEMA'S Little Orator Popular module to teach

1) Group Discussion

To boost your child’s public speaking ability

2) Debating

Enhance the skill of quick thinking & expressing opinions

3) Delivering Monologue

Overcome the fear of public speaking & deliver a monologue with confidence

4) Book Reading

Develop the practice of Book Reading

5) Podcasting

Tap into creativity & make good content

6) Spelling Check Activities

Building the base of spelling

Speak better, Step up!

Speak confidently!

Be a star in every discussion. Inspire those around you.

Learn holistically

Get better at comprehension and participate actively.

Get set for the future!

Effective communication is the ticket to lifelong success.

Think & speak fluently

Don’t translate from mother tongue. Speak intuitively.

Here's how your child will progress

Step in, learn and of course, have a lot of fun!

Speak effectively and get more

Begin at your current level

Kickstart and get evaluated

Progress fast, level up

Improve with each class

Go beyond & be a star

All set for debates and elocutions

Master real-world English, not just textbooks

Understanding Grammar

Learn grammar with games, interactive discussions, & practise using real-life situations

Advanced Reading

Get exposure to global literature & poetry to build vocabulary so you can understand & read above grade level!

Confident Public-Speaking

Become a fluent English speaker by practising through audio/video homework & class plays, podcasts, etc

Polished Writing

Write like a champ & publish books, compose poems, write plays, & maintain your personal blog

GEMA learners spend 60+ minutes each day solving quizzes, watching videos, doing fun projects, & attending workshops on GEMA. Join them!

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Watch your child become a confident, fluent English speaker with GEMA’s small group online English tuitions! Our classes, with maximum 6 students per class as well as focussed teacher attention for every child, will ensure that your child is able to express themselves fluently and confidently with no hesitation or pauses.

GEMA English is based on the 4 pillars of English: Reading, writing, grammar, and public speaking. Your child will pick up skills like script-writing, recording podcasts, and even delivering Ted Talks with our exciting project-based curriculum! Every class is an exploratory session, which equips your child for real-life scenarios along with in-class excellence.

The GEMA English course is a comprehensive programme that is based on the 4 foundational pillars of English: Listening, speaking, reading and writing. Through our project-based learning and bottom-up approach, we ensure that every child is prepared to speak and write English fluently and confidently.
What makes us different from other online tuitions is the attention every child receives with just 6 students per class and personalised homework for better understanding and mastery.
GEMA English has 3 classes per week for each grade. All classes follow a Monday-Wednesday-Friday or a Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday schedule.

The GEMA English curriculum is based on the CBSE syllabus from Kg to grade 10 and the ICSE syllabus from Kg to Grade 10. Every topic is covered in-depth with end-of-class quizzes to gauge the student’s understanding of the topic. In addition, students will have access to an unlimited library where they will find study notes along with practice links or sessions.

Only top applicants from across the country are selected to become GEMA tutors after a thorough 10-point screening process & background check. Each English tutor undergoes rigorous training in our special interactive & application-based curriculum & learning tools. We use sophisticated AI algorithms to pair each child with the tutor best suited for their learning needs!
We also take care to ensure that we select a teacher best suited to engage with each child at every grade, to get the best out of them.