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Classes For Kids

For Grades: KG-12

Bring out your child’s inner scientist with fun, project-driven classes in physics, chemistry, biology, and more!

Where kids become scientists.

Help your learner fall in love with STEM. Foster their passion for science with project-based science courses that go beyond the basics. They’ll love hands-on experiments, simulations, and more to build foundational knowledge and skills they’ll need for the real world.

Find an online science class that fits your schedule & needs

Intro to Physics

How do we understand and measure the invisible forces that shape the physical world? Physics! This course explores the basics of motion by combining physics simulations and physical labs. This course fuels curiosity while also advancing students’ math and science skills.

Intro to Chemistry

Kindle a love of STEM with a chemistry course that delights and engages the kids. This online course teaches with hands-on experiments and online simulations to build foundational chemistry knowledge around atoms, elements, and reactions. It helps in building practical knowledge too.

Intro to Biology

In this course, students learn the body systems, nutrition and the macromolecules, how the digestive system works, how energy is taken from the food we eat, and more. Give them an understanding of their own body, and build up life skills related to nutrition and science!

All GEMA Science Courses include:

  • Instructors from Top US Universities
  • Expert-Designed Curricula
  • Project-Based Coursework
  • GEMA Clubs
  • GEMA Events
  • Shared Projects
  • Instructor Office Hours
  • Study Groups
  • Access to GEMA Advisors
  • Course Roadmaps
  • Checkpoints
  • Certificates of Completion

Science taught through GEMA also includes:

Our science classes for kids include check points and session notes for parents. GEMA provides instructors with essential data they use to adjust pacing, supplement the curriculum, or fill in any learning gaps to ensure your child’s proficiency along the way to mastery.

Practical application of Science for better marks

Interactive Exam Prep Lessons

Learn Physics, Chemistry & Biology with interactive games, simulations, & activities for better understanding.

Project Based Lessons

See Science live in action while creating projects based on real-world challenges and problems which leads to a more practical mindset.

Group-learning for inventor mindset

Work with peers at the same learning level to solve problems with scientific inquiry & sharing of knowledge.

Fun projects at GEMA

Here’s what GEMA students are building today

Rocket from kitchen material
Discover the world using microscopes
Make your own compass
Mini magnetic train