Frequently Asked Question

GEMA offers world-class LIVE online classes with expert tutors and max 6 students – where every student gets better marks and a brighter future! Lido offers interactive classes and content for Grades KG-10 in Maths, Science, English and Coding.

For the best learning experience, a student needs FACE-to-FACE interaction in a group of max 6 students with a rockstar teacher to guide them, interactive content to keep them engaged, and a personalized platform to improve results. At GEMA, we have combined these three to build a classroom for the 21st century that is engaging for students, credible for parents, and empowering for our tutors.

GEMA is the best solution for your child as it goes above and beyond any other edtech apps or tuition teachers

a. Personalized Attention: To ensure that your child receives personalized attention, regular feedback and instant doubt clearing opportunity, every GEMA class is face-to-face and interactive with just 6 students.

b. Engaging Content: Designed by Harvard, Stanford, IIT alums, every lesson has HD animated videos, interactive games, live quiz competitions in class so that your child will learn concepts and love learning

c. Real life skills: Lido covers school curriculum AND outside school skills like leadership, communication, creativity so that your child is prepared to be a job creator not a job seeker.

A week at GEMA is fun, exciting and filled with learning! Your child will have 9 classes a week – our math classes are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, our English and Science classes are on Tuesday and Thursday and coding classes are on Saturday and Sunday. Outside of classes, our students have a video library covering all key concepts and an unlimited question bank to keep practicing. GEMA is the perfect multi-pronged solution to continue your child’s learning outside of school to make sure they keep engaged and busy.

Our classes are 50 minutes to an hour long – so we can cover each topic in detail through explanations, videos, games, live quizzes AND leave time for questions, support and coaching from our rockstar tutors.


Currently, we don’t offer any make up classes for the live sessions, but your child will get a video of the class they missed as well as all content covered (videos, quizzes, games).

No, our classes can’t be downloaded. We believe that maximum learning happens when our students and teachers interact. We encourage students to attend all classes and ask lots of questions which is best done in a live face-to-face format! However, we have videos and quizzes after every class for practice!

Yes! You may give your batch time preferences and we will do our best to accommodate your child into that slot. Batches are scheduled for one hour starting at 4:00pm to 9:15pm from Monday to Friday.

Math and Coding classes are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday Science and English classes are on Tuesday and Thursday Once this time is fixed it will remain the same. In case you require a batch timings to be changed you can contact your Academic Advisor.

At GEMA we believe that homework doesn’t only reinforce concepts but also teaches our students to work independently and responsibly and is imperative for their holistic development. After every class, we give personalized homework in the form of videos and quizzes. In case your child has any doubts while doing homework, he/she can ask their teacher for clarity during the live session

To attend GEMA’s one of a kind and exceptional class you will need either a Laptop or a desktop with working WIFI, a camera, mic and speaker phone!

Our batches have a maximum of 6 students. This high tutor to student ratio guarantees a personalized learning experience and ensures better understanding and better marks!

During these covid days we have no choice but accept the change that kids are online. Instead of playing games on phones, watching movies, using instagram and facebook after school, doing something productive online will always be a better choice. Measures can be taken to protect eye health like taking care of ergonomics and taking a 90 seconds break after every 30 minutes.

GEMA’s advanced AI algorithm matches our students to the teacher we think is best suited for their level and learning style, while also taking into consideration batch preferences. We only select the best tutors, as your child deserves the best. However, please note that incase of any problems with your teacher you may request for a change of teacher.

We are confident that you will LOVE your teacher since all our Lido teachers are rockstar who are rigorously screened with less than 1% acceptance rates. However, if you do not like your teacher you may contact your Academic advisor and they will be able to assist you in giving you another teacher that is specifically matched to your child based on personality and teaching style!

We use advance AI algorithms to match your child with the best tutor for their learning level in different subjects. A lot of our teachers are qualified and trained to teach multiple subjects. You may have the same teacher for multiple subjects or you may have different teachers! You can always request a change if there is a particular teacher you like or don’t like – but we guarantee that all our tutors are rockstars!

We use advance AI algorithms to match your child with like-minded peers and the best tutor for their learning level. We believe that student -teacher rapport has the ability to transform the learning journey and therefore we ask the student for feedback on the tutor to ensure that it is a good fit. Furthermore, parents can contact their relationship manager for any feedback or queries related to the tutor.

All our teachers are highly qualified and experts in the subjects that they teach. However the teacher assigned to your child will depend on our advanced AI algorithm measuring your child’s personality and learning level and matching them to the best teacher for them. This could mean that they are assigned a different teacher than the trial class.

We currently offer live online small group tuitions for Maths, Science and English and Coding in CBSE and ICSE across grades 1 to 10. We are constantly adding new subjects, grades and boards so do check back on our website for updates.

The syllabus is mapped to the ICSE and CBSE board syllabus and therefore we will ensure that students will cover the same material as they are in school. While our standard academic year starts in January and ends in February of the next year, our advanced algorithm ensures that all lessons are covered regardless of when the student signs up with Lido. Furthermore students are encouraged to all doubts can be addressed during class.

Yes we have different batches for CBSE and ICSE in Math, Science and English with different lessons as each course is mapped to the ICSE and CBSE board respectively so we will cover all topics and learning objectives. Our coding and leadership courses are board agnostic as they focus on skill building outside the classroom.

Yes, our curriculum is created using the core school curriculum and an exhaustive list of textbooks and reference books from multiple publishers.

Designed by Harvard, Stanford, IIT alums, every lesson has HD animated videos, interactive games, live quiz competitions in class so that your child will learn concepts and love learning. Each lesson is mapped to the ICSE and CBSE board respectively so we will cover all topics and learning objectives.

Once a child uses Lido, all the resources they need, and more, are all on the platform. No need for any additional elearning apps, question banks, practice tests, explanation videos. We have videos that cover all key concepts and quizzes for our enrolled students! We also provide NCERT practice question banks with solutions and PDFs of class notes.

To know more about our coding course, visit our coding subject page

GEMA’s English program is the only live, interactive, face-to-face class that focuses on grammar, comprehension and writing AND conversational English! The English program will use grade appropriate texts to teach the knowledge and skills prescribed by the CBSE and ICSE boards as well as building your child’s fluency and comfort with English through our small group format of just 6 students.nt

We offer 1 free demo class in Math, Science, English or coding for new customers depending on their child’s interests. Every class is taught by an expert teacher with just 6 students for personalized attention. Sign up for a free class here

You can buy a Lido Learning on our website or by calling 080 68716 666 to get intouch with an Academic Advisor.

Yes, you can! We offer the following payment options: Cash, cheque, debit cards, credit cards, EMI options at 0% interest.
ShopSe No cost EMI available.

You can make any adjustments to your Lido course subscription by contacting your dedicated Academic Advisor. The Advisor will be able to assist you with any plan adjustments/ add -ons.


Depending on the pack you purchase, Lido will provide you credits that can be used across any subject that you wish to study. Lido gives you the liberty to explore various subjects and choose the subject that piques your interest.

GEMA has a Young Leaders Program that consists of online classes created by people from Harvard, Stanford, Cambridge, IIT. The Program teaches students all the skills needed to change the world – Math, Science, English and Coding – AND gives them mentorship from world leaders in business, technology and politics.

The Young Leaders program for the top 10% of Lido students who have subscribed to Math, Science, English and Coding. In order to qualify, your child should take a demo class with one of our expert teachers. During the class our teacher will analyse the learning patterns and leadership potential of your child and eligibility will be decided as well as scholarship amount. Sign up for a free class here

A PTA is a Parent Teacher meeting that will take place with your child’s Academic Advisor. The PTA will be held in our live classroom. During the PTA, your child’s academic advisor will give you feedback on your child’s performance in and out of the classroom after speaking in depth with their subject teachers. Your academic advisor will also analyze your child’s qualities and where their strengths and weaknesses lie and accordingly how we at Lido can help best train them to become a leader in whatever field they choose.

Your academic advisor will contact you to schedule a PTA. Incase your academic advisor has not contacted you yet you can request for a PTA for your child by directly contacting them and they will be able to help schedule the meeting.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to reschedule your PTA. However, your academic advisor will be in touch with you regarding the next round so you are able to get a chance to receive detailed feedback about your child’s performance.

If you have any other questions in regards to your child’s PTA, we request you to please get in touch with your academic advisor. You can get your academic advisor’s details from the parent dashboard

We will get intouch with you via our official Whatsapp or SMS account. While booking a class you can choose your preferred language and channel of communication. We highly recommend selecting Whatsapp, we promise we won’t spam you!

Once you subscribe to Lido, we will contact you via whatsapp and SMS. You can customize your notification preferences by logging onto and going to “my account” under the profile section.

We will be sending you class reminders 15 minutes before every class via your preferred channel(s) of communication. In case your child may have missed a class, we will send you a message so that you can keep track of their attendance too! Incase of more than 3 consecutive missed classes, your child’s academic advisor will contact you.

When your child is assigned a batch and a tutor we will be sending you a message with the relevant details through your preferred method of communication.

You can edit your communication preferences from the parent dashboard by going to the profile icon and clicking on my account below that.

There, you can customize your preferred channel of communication for different types of messages. If you want to make sure that you don’t miss out on anything important; you can opt to receive notifications on both whatsapp and SMS! We highly recommend this!